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We buy and sell vapor degreasers & industrial parts cleaning equipment


We rent used vapor degreasers

We carry various models including ultrasonic type and various sizes are available depending on our inventory (see our Used Degreasers page to see examples with prices below). All degreasers can be inspected and are in operating condition. Baskets not included with rental degreaser.

Sump Size All Brands & Models have refrig. chillers Price per Month
6″x10″x5″D Branson B250R (ultrasonics) $500
10″x12″x8″D Branson B400R (ultrasonics) $600
12″x16″x10″D Branson PLD1216R (immers) $850
12″x16″x10″D Branson PSD1216R (sonics) $850
25″x16″x12″D Branson SV1625R (vapor) $700
10″x12″x10″D Baron MLR120 (immers) $600
10″x12″x10″D Baron MSR120 (ultrasonics) $600
12″x21″x10″D Baron MVR215 (vapor) $600
12″x16″x10″D Baron MLR216 (immers) $850
12″x16″x10″D Baron MSR216 (ultrasonics) $850
41″x24″x30″D Baron MVR425 (vapor) $1950
Terms On Rental Equipment
– Minimum rental period – 6 months – Payment includes 3 months in advance with signed rental agreement. – Freight paid by customer to and from Southbridge warehouse.
For more details, email us at or call 508-765-0045