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Tips Before Buying a Vapor Degreaser

  1. Air Quality or Emissions Regulations

    There are USA (EPA) air quality (emissions) regulations and there are state and regional emissions regulations. New users of vapor degreasers and others who want to meet the EPA and/or regional emissions control regulations are often confused. There is much misinformation, rumors and a lack of easy access to the authoritative facts regarding the halogenated solvent NESHAPS (National Emission Standards for Hazardous Pollutants). THE NESHAPS are the basis for all states’ and regions’ emissions control regulations. Some states have added tougher standards than the EPA requires.

    • Suppliers of vapor degreaser solvents are the people to give up-to-date answers on solvent questions related to air emissions or related to specific cleaning abilities. See free ebook on this Degreasing Devices Co. website for further information.
    • Suppliers of vapor degreasers, stills, etc. should be able to answer questions on regulations on vapor degreaser equipment. See free ebook on this Degreasing Devices Co. website for further information.
  2. Economic Information Regarding Buying a Vapor Degreaser

    New equipment sells for 4 to 5 times more than used equipment most often. Some used vapor degreaser providers (like Degreasing Devices Co.) have built a reputation on selling at reasonable prices with a warranty.

    • Most vapor degreaser manufacturers over-build their equipment to last a very long time. The bodies/tanks of these units are heavy gauge stainless steel and are usually impervious to wear and rust. Usually parts are readily available also. Grainger, McMaster Carr and other industrial distributors will carry most parts needed to repair vapor degreasers. OEM parts are usually more expensive but are less often needed. Both new and used equipment will need repairs in the future.
  3. Other Needed Information Regarding Buying a Vapor Degreaser

    • If buying used equipment, try to get the exact operating manual by model number with electrical drawings. Also touch-up paint colors, etc.
    • The year the unit was built is not as important as the amount of use it endured (see 2 above regarding overbuilding of vapor degreasers). Evidence of overuse is easily discerned.