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The current regulatory situation regarding vapor degreasers and chlorinated solvents is that some solvents, alleged to be ozone depleting, have been restricted and degreasing equipment has been regulated to have much more emissions control. In other words, emissions from the solvent into the air is restricted by the l994 NESHAP rules on vapor degreasers by EPA. Besides selling you a compliant degreaser, new or used, we also can advise you about retrofitting your existing vapor degreaser it so it meets EPA’s NESHAP standards. This could possibly be less costly than new vapor degreasing equipment. The size of your degreaser is the operating factor as to the retrofit compliance cost. Degreasers less than 13 sq. feet at the air interface (top) are less expensive to retrofit than the larger units because EPA regulations are much more onerous for large units.We know the NESHAPS and most of the state and regional environmental regulations vis a vis vapor degreasers. Give us a call at  (508) 765-0045.

We need to know the basket dimensions and the type of solvent you will use.

  • Freeboard Extenders
  • Freeboard Chillers
  • Stainless Tight Cover, Powered or Manual
  • Superheat
  • Hoists
  • Automation
  • Air Turbulence Reduction