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FAQ Vapor Degreasers

Q:What is a vapor degreaser?
A: A vapor degreaser is a usually stainless steel tank(s) with heating elements in the bottom and cooling coils near the top, that boils nonflammable special solvents to make vapor which cleans oily or otherwise dirty parts. The cooling coils help to condense the vapor and it drips into a trough under the cooling coils recycling itself back to the boiling area. Safety controls, filtration, water separator and refrigeration are often built into a vapor degreaser.

Q: What is an aqueous parts washer?
A: An aqueous washer is a parts cleaning system which uses hot water (aqueous) and detergent to clean. There are many types such as; ultrasonic, agitation, tunnel, spray, etc.

Q: Do you sell new and used vapor degreasers and parts washers?
A: Yes we do. You can find these products under the Degreasers and Washers tab of the main meun.

Q: How do I find a list of used vapor degreasers with prices?
A: We list all of our used degreasers with pricing here: Large Degreasers or Small Degreasers.

Q: How do I find a list of used aqueous parts washers with prices?
A: We list all of our used aqueous washers with pricing here: Aqueous Washers.

Q:How do I learn more about retrofitting my degreaser(s)?
A: Information about retrofitting your degreaser can be found here: Retrofit.

Q: Is there a book that I can get that will give me technical aspects and how to of using a vapor degreaser?A: At top right of Home Page click on Vapor Degreaser How-To Book to purchase.

Q: What vapor degreaser solvents are allowed by government regulation (USA)?
A: Not disallowed are such solvents as: trichloroethylene (not allowed is trichlorethane); methylene chloride; perchloroethylene; n propyl bromide; and other proprietary solvents.

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