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We buy and sell vapor degreasers & industrial parts cleaning equipment

Aqueous Washers

Finlay Machine & Tool (FMT) Model # 4RB100 aqueous parts washer
Used Price – $35,000 USD

FMT 4RB100 Aqueous Washer

4 Basket Rotary Parts Washer; uses standard Kadon baskets; rotating basket fixture can accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and geometries using standard basket; basket rotation; immersion & spray cleaning; adjustable spray headers (upper & lower); insulated 10 ga. SS tanks, 16 ga. steel skin; 2 tanks -wash, rinse plus heated blow-off/dry stage; manual load/unload; 460V, 3 phase, tank clean-out doors; overall dimensions – 10′ long x 10’4″’ wide x 9’4″ high; 15 gals per hour oil coalescer; chip basket; SS filter housings; all required safeties and controls. condition- good and operating. PHOTO IS FACTORY NEW. Original Price $74,000

BRANSON MODULAR Ultrasonic Washer
Price – $11,500 USD

230V,1 phase; 1 sump – 20″ L x 16″ W x 16″ deep with 40 khz ultrasonics & two intensity level generator; 2 heated rinse sumps – 20″ L x 16″ W x 16″ deep; all with heated tanks; overall dimensions 70″L x 36″W x 36″ high; good, clean and operating condition.

Price – $5500 USD

Branson Dryer 2024

Hot Air Dryer (electric) used following precision cleaning operations; stainless construction; working sump inside dimensions 12” x 18” x 26” deep; outside dimensions – 47”L x 27.5” W X 36” high; updraft airflow design; 250° F capacity; 2700 cfm hot air circulation; Nichrome heating elements;208V, 1 phase, 28 amps ; condition – good & operating.

CREST Model # OC4-1014HE Ultrasonic Aqueous Washer
Price – $16,700 USD

Stainless construction; four station (wash-rinse-rinse-dry); load and unload position; 4 sumps – 10″ x 14 x 8″; overall dimensions 85″ L x 30″ W x 37″ high; Genesis ultrasonics on three (wash-rinse-rinse) sumps; high efficiency hot air dryer with HEPA filters; RigiBot Programmable conveyor; automatic cleaning cycle; automatic door on dryer sump; condition very good and operating.

Crest Ultrasonic Aqueous Washer Model #133-4085 (NCT)
Need Space Price – $13K

Crest Best

Stainless construction; PLC operated; retrofitted recently including new programming to allow for multiple recipe creation and batch versatility; outside dimensions 22′ L x 7′ W x 9′ H; 7 stations; sump dimensions 18″x 18 x 12 deep; 4 sumps have ultrasonics with 4 generators; polycarbonate windows; indexing hydraulic transport system with 6 pickup arms; multiple baskets and multiple programs could be running at the same time; high speed dryers and air blow-offs; new belt conveyors on each end to feed and unload machine; built in sensors to disallow basket crashes; current baskets (12″ x 13″x 8″ H) can be run two at a time; current stations are; Wash, Rinse, Wash, Rust Stripper, Rinse, Air Dry (other permutations can made); system operating and can be seen in place at factory. Recent retrofit costs – $36,000 Brand New Price $200K

CREST #OPTIMUM Automated Ultrasonic 5 Station console
Price – 17,800 USD

Wash, Wash, Rinse & Rinse & Dry System; stainless construction; 240V; total of 5 stations; Spray Under Immersion Stations #1, 2 and 3; Station 4 – rinse; Station 5 – heated blower/ dryer with sets of air nozzles; heated sumps; RIGI-BOT #CTS100-MIT automation package (lift system with interface); air actuated sliding cover on Station 1; temperature controllers w/readouts; sumps dimensions – 16″ x 22″x 16″ D; like new condition.

Price – $3500

Detrex Sonic Washer

Model #L503, s/n 1500; 115V, 1 phase, 10 amps; ultrasonic bath, stainless construction; controls on front panel, 1 sumps 4″ L x 23″ W x 12″ deep; good & operating condition.

BOWDEN Liquid Turbo Charger # Model RB-160
Our Price – $11,000

Bowden RB160 Front3

Rotating Basket Immersion Parts Cleaner; S/N 0102090; 230V, 3 ph., 44 amps; with hoist & basket rotation; turbocharger, oil skimmer; chip separator; automatic water refill system; basket dimension – 12″ x 18″ x 6″; 160 gallon tank; used by chemical distributor for demos; good & operating condition. New price $30,000

GRECO BROS. Hot Air Dryer; Model #STL
Price – $1650

2020/CAR; 1996 vintage; 240V, 1 phase, 20 amps; used with an aqueous washer; inside dimensions 19″ x 19″x 12″ deep; has removable rotating arms fixture; good & operating condition.

Price – $1300

HOTSY Cabinet #2

S/N M1195; fixed basket dimensions 0″ diameter, 12″ high; overall dimensions 31″wide x 25″ deep x 39″ high; painted steel cabinet (gray and red); top load; portable (on casters); 0-60 timer; 7 day timer; filtration; gear driven HP; 220V, 1 phase, 13 amps; 600 GPH, 27 PSI; very good condition.