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We buy and sell vapor degreasers & industrial parts cleaning equipment

Remanufactured Equipment

Degreasing Devices Co. sells remanufactured vapor degreasers and industrial parts washers. We completely check out each vapor degreaser or parts washer, as it arrives, and replace parts needing replacement, charge the refrigerant, clean up the appearance and technically and thoroughly check all systems; electrical, heating, refrigeration, temperature controls, safety controls, etc. Finally we run the unit for many hours until we are sure it is operational and trouble-free.

Areas of Expertise

  • We use licensed plumbers, electricians, trained welders, familiar with vapor degreasers and solvent.
  • We have decades of experience with state federal & regional environmental regulations and regulators.
  • We offer on-site training of employees; use of vapor degreasers, NESHAPS, safety, best methods, etc.

For more information and a quote contact us at or 508-765-0045.